Private Lessons, Massage and
Ayurvedic Consultations

We do offer Private Lessons, Semi Private Lessons, Energy Medicine, Massage and Ayurvedic Consultations as well. Schedule an appointment, or Contact Us, and let us know the desired service and time you would like have your appointment.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Individual Lessons are $60
Semi Private Lessons
Semi Private Lessons are $100 for 2 people or $120 for 3 or more.
Offsite Private Lesson
We can meet you in your home for a private lesson. These appointments are $100.

Healing Arts

Energy Medicine
New Client Treatment

Follow-Up Appointments
Swedish Massage

60 Minute Session $65
90 Minute Session $100
45 Minute Session $45

Ayurvedic Consultations

Initial Phone Consultation
75 Minute Session $85
Follow up 45 Minute Session for $55
or Total Package for $125

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