Class Descriptions

Ayurveda + Yoga
Ayurveda, sister science to Yoga, is an ancient system of healing which originated 5000 years ago in India based on living in harmony with nature.   In Sanskrit `Ayu´ means life and `Veda´ means knowledge, so Ayurveda is often referred to as the `science of life´.
In this class we use Ayurvedic approach to balance your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution) by observing current seasons, and purifying your body through a yoga practice infused with special combinations of postures,  breath work and meditation.  Appropriate for beginners to experienced practitioners !
Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga modifies traditional postures for those living with or recovering from chronic illness or injury. All postures are done from either a chair or the floor in order to stimulate the body's systems without overtaxing them.
Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins and bring this additional information form.
Benefits may include:
  • Increased breathing capacity.
  • Better circulation.
  • Increased range of motion joints.
  • Improved coordination and balance.
  • Improved muscle tone.
  • Stronger bones.
  • A general feeling of well being.
Special Instructions : If you use a wheel chair or a walker, please enter through the studio glass door located to the right of the main entrance (the far right side of the building as you are looking at it).
Dragonfly Yoga
This class begins with centering followed by a warm up and vinyasa flow sequence. After the body is prepped, you will be guided, step by step, through a selection of arm balances and inversions.  Each class will focus on different poses, but we will also revisit poses from previous classes to practice  and see our progress. We will end with a cool down, stretch and finally…Savasana

This is meant to be a fun and playful class. All levels are welcome.

Come ready to play!

Family Yoga
In FAMILY YOGA, a 60-minute class, kids and kids-at-heart ages 5+ will HAVE FUN while experiencing the immense physical and mental health benefits of yoga in their lives.
- Learn partner yoga poses
- Increase strength & coordination
- Learn life-long healthy practices
- Play yoga games and release your inner child
Gentle Yoga
This class combines gentle movements with breath. Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners as well as people with specific limitations and those recovering from injury. More experienced students who enjoy a slower paced class also enjoy Gentle Yoga.
Hatha Yoga teaches techniques of fundamental yoga postures with a focus on proper alignment and symmetry in each pose. A combination of postures will be explored with in-depth instruction for each pose with time to reflect in each pose. Every class is balanced with a steady flow, guided instruction, and therapeutic effects. This classical Hatha Yoga class welcomes you; if you have never practiced and wanted to begin, or if you have been doing yoga for years and want to deepen your practice by getting back to the foundations of the poses.
Hatha Flow
A dynamic flow of poses integrating breath, movement, and mindfulness.  Warm up with variations of the Sun Salutation, followed by standing, balancing, and seated poses.  Postures are held for several breaths at a time which are designed to invite a deeper opening of the body.  Appropriate for all students, modifications for all levels.
Power Yoga
A vigorous style of yoga designed to develop strength, coordination, weight loss, flexibility, and focus followed with relaxation and meditation.
Prenatal Yoga
So many changes take place in your body during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is a time to slow down and connect with the baby growing inside you. Yoga encourages you to be fully present and in the moment, a skill you will need as a parent as well. Be surrounded by other women also experiencing pregnancy, to learn and to share with them.
Benefits of prenatal yoga
  • Encourages and helps you stay connected to your changing body and growing baby
  • Strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles Improves circulation & digestion
  • Keeps the spine healthy Increases overall fitness & comfort
  • Develops strength & readiness for giving birth
  • Reduces stress
Relax and Renew ® Restorative Yoga
This class emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation, which has tremendous mental and physical benefits. A series of rejuvenating and supported poses are taught to promote vitality and create a state of deep relaxation. Melt tension away and leave feeling completely refreshed and fully restored. A great class for all levels of yoga students.
Gentle + Nidra
From the slow progressive sequences to the longer holding poses, the entire body and mind are brought into equanimity in this focused yet calming all-levels class where students are encouraged to explore the benefits of each asana within the boundaries of their own individual expressions. 
Class will end with a meditative relaxation (Yoga Nidra) where the student will experience immeasurable stress relief, improved sleep and deeper sense of calm and clarity.  
Yoga Nidra has been experienced and described as “the most powerful relaxation technique known to man”. 
Surya "Hot" Yoga
Come try our heated yoga class in 88 to 94 degree heat! Sweat and squeeze out all the toxins in this class. Surya "Sun" Yoga is very therapeutic, and is great for weight loss, healing old injuries, increasing flexibility, and loosening up stiffness. Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a bath towel.
Bliss Yoga
This class is all about Bliss. It is a compassionate and deep yoga. This class is about spinal decompression and utilizes props like blankets and blocks to meet your body where it is at. It is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Each class facilitates your ability to access your own inner Bliss so you can live a life filled with joy.
Vinyasa Yoga
A practice connecting breath with movement. A dynamic form of yoga designed to build strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. Energy boosting and invigorating. Great for weight loss.
Yin Yoga
Energetically yoga is of two forms: Yin—no contraction of the muscles, complete passiveness in the posture—and Yang—movement and strength. In Yin Yoga, the postures are held for 4-5 minutes with some Yang movements in between. Yin benefits the joints, bones, and connective tissues. Very therapeutic!
Yoga for Athletes
Athletes are generally very strong, and very tight. Most athletes have underdevelopment in some areas, and overdevelopment in others. In this class, not only will you gain flexibility, strength and balance, but you will also learn to use the breathe to control the mind. This will help bring balance into the body. Between increasing flexibility, core work, and breath awareness, you will perform better and have a deeper connection with your body. If you are not practicing yoga, you are competing at a disadvantage and missing an opportunity to enhance peak performance.
Ages 12 and up welcome!
Ashtanga Yoga
The first or primary series, called Yoga Chikitsa, which means yoga therapy, realigns the spine, detoxifies the body, and builds strength, flexibility and stamina. The series of about 75 poses takes and hour and a half to two hours to complete, beggining with sun salutations A and B on to standing poses, inversions and backbends before relaxation.