New Student Information, Yoga Tips, Etiquette and Benefits

For New Students
This information is required for all who attend a Divine Center of Yoga class or event, and helps instructors focus on your well-being.

Yoga Tips and Etiquette
Yoga means "union," and it provides practical techniques for uniting mind, breath and movement. The following guidelines are fundamental to any group yoga practice.

  • Respect your body's abilities and limitations.
  • Yoga breathing is through your nose, in and out.
  • Practice to the best of your ability.  Try not to compare yourself to others.
  • Notify your instructor of any restrictions you may have prior to class. Also remember to update your contact information prior to each class.
  • Ask questions! Your instructor is there to help before, during, and after class.
  • Practice with an empty stomach. It's best not to eat two to four hours before your practice.
  • Arrive on time and stay for the entire class. 
  • Be respectful of other students
  • Turn cellphones off
  • Practice quietly
  • Avoid wearing perfume to class
  • We have everything you need to practice; however, feel free to bring your own mat and any helpful props to class with you.
  • Have an open mind and a great time!

Benefits of Yoga
According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the benefits of Yoga encompass all aspects of life, including:
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Neuromuscular Coordination
  • Ease of Movement
  • Reduction of Stiffness
  • Confidence and Independence
  • Self-Determination
  • Renewed Interest in Life
  • Improved Posture and Strengthening of the Spine
  • Increased Breathing Ease and Capacity
  • Stimulation of Glandular Systems and Hormone Balance
  • Health of all Body Systems
  • Reduce Blood Pressure, Slows Heart Rate
  • Increases Vital Capacity and Health of the Respiration System
  • Improvement in Foot Health
  • Increased Mobility
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved Digestive and Elimination Systems
  • More Energy and Zest of Life
  • Better Weight Control
  • Reduced Anxiety and Feeling of Loneliness

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